hello there!

You'll find me at Myopic books on a Tuesday afternoon, reading about anything I haven't yet learned about. I'm that person always spewing facts about everything they come across. I love knowledge, I'm in love with learning. Which is what drew me to photography; the ability to learn who people are through taking their portrait. A picture tells a story about the person in it. The way they sit, their level of comfort, the way their eyes connect to the camera, or don't. I love getting to know those who sit in front of my camera. 

My name is Jillian. I'm a twenty four year old whose been doing photography passionately since she first held a camera at age eight. I was and still am very in love with travel photography. Traveling in general, actually. I have used my talent with the camera to access places I never otherwise would have. I've photographed many unique things. Like Kenya's first constitutional vote, Gloria Steinem and Roxanne Gay speaking about feminism in Chicago, and I've lead workshops abroad about my fine art project I Woke Up Like This. I wish I could say my life was more than just photography at times, but then I remember how blessed of a life I have because of it.

let me tell your story?