hello there!

Thank you for stopping by. This website is a representation of my artwork and writing. I am a photojournalist located in the suburbs of Chicago. I have a mighty strong passion for helping others, so my work centers around self-help blogs and boudoir photography. I'm the photographer who cares deeply for the comfort of her subjects. I respect human beings in all their diversity, and I welcome that diversity with open arms. 

Within this site, you'll find many empowering blogs and my portfolio of work. If you at all find yourself wondering what it'd be like to work with me; just ask! I'm more than happy to speak with anyone on the edge of booking. Odds are, I can answer the questions you have and ease your fears about being in front of the camera. It is an act of bravery to allow someone else the privilege of capturing your essence as a person. I am always honored to help with this endeavor!