hello there!

You'll find me in Chicago at Myopic books on a Tuesday afternoon, reading about anything I haven't yet learned about. I'm that person always spewing facts about everything they come across. I am in love knowledge about the obscure and art. Which is what drew me to photography; the ability to learn who people are through taking their portrait. A picture tells a story about the person in it. The way they sit, their level of comfort, the way their eyes connect to the camera, or don't. I love getting to know those who sit in front of my camera. 

My name is Jillian. I'm a twenty four year old whose been doing photography passionately since she first held a camera at age eight. I was and still am deeply in love with travel photography. Traveling in general, actually. I have used my talent as a photographer to access places I never otherwise would have. I've photographed many unique things. Like Kenya's first constitutional vote, Gloria Steinem and Roxanne Gay speaking about feminism in Chicago, and I've lead a workshop about body positive boudoir photography in Wales. I love working with candid, romantic and sentimental people. I like to get to know everyone well enough to capture them in their natural element.